GUS is a ceramic planter for growing mushrooms at home.

GUS Modular Ceramic Mushroom Planter

GUS Modular Ceramic Mushroom Planter

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GUS is a modular ceramic planter with specialized, patent-pending features for growing mushrooms.  Multiple GUS can be stacked to create a vertical mushroom farm while taking up minimal countertop space. The base model of GUS comes with the vessel that features a circular hole for the mushrooms to grow from and a standard solid lid. The base model of GUS is suitable for side fruiting mushrooms such as certain oyster varieties. We recommend growing the following mushrooms for side fruiting in GUS:  Pink oyster, golden oyster, and blue oyster. Additional grow-lids and humidity domes will be released as GUS accessories later this year which are designed for top-fruiting varieties. 

PROCESSING TIMES: Please allow 3-5 business days for processing before your order ships.

IMPORTANT: Mushroom fruiting blocks are sold separately. We recommend using fruiting blocks available through our mushroom farm partner, North Spore. When you purchase a GUS from Good Growing you will receive a fruiting block discount code to shop on North Spore valid until 12/31/2024.  Be sure to order the fruiting blocks and not the spray-and-grow kits. You can shop the North Spore fruiting block kits here We recommend starting with golden oyster mushrooms for first-time growers. Pink oyster mushrooms and blue oyster mushrooms are also fantastic for beginners. If your home environment runs cold (below 67° F) you may also consider growing Snow Oyster mushrooms which thrive in cooler temps. GUS is not suitable for growing shiitake mushrooms. 

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With a specialized, patent pending design, GUS is an elegant object packed with science driven features that will make your mushrooms thrive right at home.

mushrooms are strange beings.

Get a front row seat to the weird beauty of mushrooms as they grow from a specialized ceramic vessel.


Learn how to grow mushrooms

GUS is made for all levels of experience, from the mushroom-curious to seasoned fungi-enthusiasts. With a minimalist appearance, this ceramic vessel is a highly specialized tool suited for different levels of mycological exploration.

2023 dezeen awards

GUS has been longlisted for the dezeen awards in 2 catagories: Product Design: Health and Wellbeing + Sustainability Design: Consumer.

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Gus Wins WantedDesign 2023 Launch Pad at ICFF

"The winners were selected by a jury led by Clever podcast host Amy Devers that included: Giulio Cappellini, Founder, Cappellini; Andrea Cesarman, Co-founder, Design Week Mexico..."

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GUS featured on designmilk

"I see GUS being used in the homes and kitchens of curious people. Growing food at home might sound like a novelty, but it has the power to become a familiar and joyful ritual in our daily lives..."

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